23 June 2012

1st EXPERIENCE FOOD ORDERING via foodpanda.my

 This is my first time ordering food online from this website. 
After completing keying all the necessary info and the total amount I need to pay for the  food, I received email and sms confirmation for my order.  Indeed a fast and easy ordering process. Now I can continue working while waiting for the delivery man to arrive.

After waited more than 60 minutes (waiting time is 60 minutes only), the delivery man  still didn't show up.  I dialled 03- 2772 7268 and told the telephone operator about the delay and was adviced to wait while they contact the delivery man. In a few seconds, my handphone rang and a man  introduced himself as the delivery boy from the company informing me that he is stucked in the traffic jam and will reach my office in 10 minutes time. 

In less than 10 minutes, the delivery boy holding a helmet and two plastic bags finally arrived.  He apologized for the delay, put the bags of food on the table and left after I paid him cash.  Then my hp ran again and it was a follow up call from the company's telephone operator to ensure that I received my order. Well, this is the kinda of courteous service I was expecting...bravo!

Our lunch for the day!

Nasi Goreng Biasa
full of 'wok hei' but too spicy...  6 chili padi

Nasi Briyani Gam Daging
fragrant enough but tad to dried

Nasi Briyani Chicken
distinctive taste....aromatic, soft and fluffy 

Both packets of Nasi Briyani came together with  pappadom, acar buah, curry dhall and two pieces of beef/daging masak briyani (tasty and tender)...sorry, didn't capture the photos as all the panda's (including me) in the office were terribly hungry.

Overall, the food was quite good and service can be better (provided they improve on the delivery time but traffic in KL is so unpredictable, rite!). But what I dislike is the way they packed and deliver food using cheap normal plastic bags.  I would prefer a recycle cloth/pvc bag printed with this cute panda logo...better and lasting image for the company and customers as well...just a suggestion/feedback only....hopefully this will win me a free dinner for two at one of foodpanda's restaurants (^:^)

One thing to note is that you can pre-order your food online few days in advance provided your total amount is RM100 and above. If the amount falls below RM100, you are allowed to place your order 60 minutes before your intended lunch/delivery time. In my case, I wanted to have lunch or food arrive at 12.30 noon, hence I must place my order online at 11.30 am...hope this explain!

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