27 April 2012


Two years ago after a whole day meeting, my boss and I had our dinner here. Last week, we went back there again  but was shocked to see an empty shop lot. My boss thought it was closed down due to poor business but I don't agree with her.. imagine a restaurant serving authentic and delish Nyonya food closed down?? Neh, it might have shifted to a new premise.

The next day after our meeting, I checked with my local colleague and true enough that I was right! The eatery had moved to a new and bigger premise. I was overjoyed and my colleague decided to have our lunch there. With her leading the way, we arrived there in less than 30 minutes...just in time for lunch.

Bright, spacious and clean, I began to like this place. We occupied one table and the whole restaurant...we didn't book this restaurant but it was empty and only 10 of us..ha!ha!

We picked and choose most dishes, dessert and drinks based on a given colorful menu...satiate everyone tastebuds. 

Nyonya Serai Chicken 
Too small portion for 10 pax and we ordered another bowl. I love the nice fragrant gravy made of blended lemon grass, red chillies and other herbs. The fried chicken meat was tad dried but go well with the sauce.

Fried Otak-Otak Omelette
Something new to me! I like the spicy taste of cut otak-otak on the fried egg.

Nyonya Steam Fish
This is the best! Not only fish meat is sweet and tender but the thick red striking colour gravy says it all... aromatic enough with tolerable level of spiciness.

Ayam Pongteh
Piping hot in a big claypot...we were awe with the presentation! But not the watery sauce with chunks of fried chicken + potatoes. 

Sambal Petai Prawn + Sotong
A balance of hot and spicy sambal with cut squids ring and medium size prawns.

Stir Fried Beansprout/Taugeh
Can still feel the crunchiness!

Hot Bean Paste Terung
I dislike terung...but I stole a bit of this out of curiosity
very soft texture in a plain black soya sauce

Udang Curry Nenas
This dish came last after we finished our meal. But we couldn't resist the curry smells and few of us (including me) scooped a spoonful of white rice on our plate and flooded it wth the gravy infused with lot of curry leaves, cut pineapples, lemon grass and fresh prawns.

Coffee Cendol
New to me! Strongly recommended by my colleague and game for it.
However, was upset...diluted, no red bean without any hint of coffee at all although it looks brownish!

I should have order this...original with fresh coconut milk

Ice Blended Mango
didn't taste it at all cos' too busy eating the mains.

Total bill was RM174 only (including hot + cold drinks) ...unbelievable!

Jalan Temenggong Ahmad,
Muar Town, Johor 84000

+60 6-954 0088

 Due to heavy work load , I won't be able to update my blog regularly. But I will try to do so, if time permits. Hope my silent readers will continue to come back here from time to time. Cheers!


  1. Hi, wow! I sure love these dishes! I guess I will make 3 plates of rice disappear.
    My mom was a 5 generations Nyonya, one reason I love Nyonya food.
    And one girl, she not a Nyonya, discovered that, the only one who caught me with her cooking...she can't cook too, but took 3 months intensive lessons from her Nyonya friends.

    I guess business must be very good they moved to bigger premises.
    Have a fun weekend.

  2. 3 plates of rice...that's too much for me! But my male colleagues, both of them polished those dishes with 2 plates of white rice!

    Most dishes are delish as well as hot and spicy. Ge ready few glasses of cold drink to reduce the heat!


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