03 December 2011


Sound like a guy name right? Why am I blogging about him???  Nope, I never dwell into any boy or girl relationship or problem over here.  Only food,travel and other exciting activties will keep me at bay to write more!

ROYCE is actually JAPAN'S TOP LUXURY CHOCOLATE BRAND. Never heard of this brand? Me too, in fact. I am certainly looking forward to their exclusive X'mas promotion from 1 December 2011 until 31 December 2011. Click here to visit their outlets and grab these super classy chocolates at special prices (very affordable)  i.e.   Pure Kids @ RM59 , Chocobolo @ RM49,  X’mas cookies @ RM49 and liquor free chocolates i.e. Ghana Bitter @ RM45 and  Mild Milk @ RM45

In the beginning, ROYCE began with baking cookies at a small factory. Soon the wonderful  smell wafted into the neighbouring community and soon a table was placed in front of the factory where cookies were sold daily. That was the beginning of a story where the people supported ROYCE through history to presnt day where ROYCE’ has become the No.1 chocolate brand in Japan. ROYCE’ chocolate is now enjoyed by chocolate lovers not only from Japan but from all over the world today.ROYCE’ continues to do what it does best – to continue making real good chocolate.

ROYCE offers exciting and delicious experience for Malaysians as just one bite of these smooth chocolate melts in your mouth, leaving you wanting for more!  ROYCE’, the top luxury chocolate brand from Japan, continues to offer fabulous mouth-melting experiences for chocolate lovers in the country to savour, indulge in and enjoy.  Founded in Sapporo in Japan in 1983, the established brand of ROYCE’ is dedicated to years of continually enriching experiences with chocolate by making real sumptuous chocolate of world-class quality simply for the love of chocolate. 

“Due to increasing demand, ROYCE’ is presently moving into a regional expansion plan and has exciting activities in the pipeline for Malaysia and Asia overall. The principle of ROYCE’ has been and will always be to painstakingly source for high quality ingredients, and to retail its products at prices that are affordable for daily consumption,” said Mr Yasuhiro Yamazaki, President of ROYCE’ Japan.

Made from the finest selection of cocoa from around the world, the team at ROYCE ensures that quality of chocolates takes place in the best conducive environment located in Hokkaido where the climate and the clean air are most appropriate for making confectionaries.  “High quality production procedures and strict hygiene standards are strictly adhered to with guidelines in place at our factories in Japan. By taking these measures, we are confident of offering our customers products of the highest quality and hygiene.

At ROYCE’ we always produce confectionery with uncompromising standards in order to deliver the best in chocolate for everyone,” added Yamazaki. The signature mouth-melting delicious NAMA chocolates from ROYCE’, for example, are made from fresh milk taken from the livestock in the Hokkaido region. The chocolates are always kept at cool temperatures from production to cold rooms in each city; and delivered fresh to your doorsteps as the ROYCE’ expert handling procedures and packaging materials ensure optimum temperatures are maintained at all times.

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