14 January 2012

KOREA......FOOD I had

Our trip included breakfast, lunch and dinner accompanied with kim chi and other types of banchan/side dishes. During the whole trip, we were served  pork/chicken meat either grilled or boiled in a tasty soup topped with lots of cut cabbages, carrots and big onion using hot metal pot.  Our Korean tour guide was so attentive that he made sure all of us have sufficient food on our table before having his meal. We even asked for cut chilies and light soya sauce and he obliged by serving it to all of us. Our main i.e pork/chicken meat and side dishes was replenished food from time to time by our tour guide.  Such a humble and good service! 

Day 1 - Breakfast (in-flight meal)
(top) - set of scrambled egg topped with mashed potatoes + fried sausage + grilled tomato (bottom) = set of fried flat noodles with black beans chicken
each comes with 1 piece of croissant with butter (fluffy & buttery), 1 cup of fruit yoghurt, a small portion of fresh cut fruits and 1 plastic cup mineral water  
Day 1 - Lunch
grilled marinated chicken meat with rice cake and cabbages

Day 1 - Dinner
grilled pork sirlion with mixed vegetables

Day 2 - Local buffet breakfast

Day 2 - Lunch in Everland (own pocket money)
@ 6,500 KRW per set= RM19.50
(top)= fried fish and chicken fillet...non greasy and crips
(bottom) = soup springy udon with fish skewer and fried fish fillet

Day 2 - Dinner
BBQ pork meat

Day 3 -  Western set breakfast 

Day 3 - Lunch
seafood hot pot - crab, clams, fish meat and soft beancurd
(looks yummy but no..tasted very plain)

Day 3 - Dinner
pork & vegetables hot pot

Day 4 -  Western set breakfast

Day 4 - Lunch
(top)- pork & vegetables hot pot
(bottom) -hot stone rice with vegetables and seaweed....felt warm eating hot fluffy rice

Day 4 - Dinner
(top) - kim chi and longevity noodles
(centre) - ginseng wine... very strong hint of ginseng
(bottom) korean ginseng chicken soup...
 added salt + black pepper to enhanced the herbal flavour...superb dinner

Day 5 Breakfast (same as Day 2)

Day 5 - Lunch (prior our flight back to KL)
cuttlefish, pork meat, ear fungus and mixed vegetables in a light soya soup

Eventhough the lunch & dinner are cooked in a healthy way... I meant no frying or adding garlic/onion oil but by the third day, I already drooled for Roti Canai Telur, Curry Mee, Nasi Dagang and etc. Once a Malaysian is always a Malaysian!

Colorful Glutinous Ball (2,000 KRW)
each ball wrapped with sweet yellow bean paste

Sweet Corn (2,000 KRW)
sticky and tasted like glutinous rice..yummy

Waffle Chocolate Ice Cream (3,500 KRW)

up next ...breath taking city view

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