31 January 2012

KOREA.... KIM chi

I love eating kim chi either as a salad on its own or as side dish with a bowl of hot piping instant noodles or fried it with rice. I remember I received few packets of kim chi from a friend  who went to Korea but dislike kim chi  and was kind enough to kept it for me. I finished all in a day!

I  jumped to excitement when our tour bus approached the venue/shop which make and sell assorted kim chi.  This shop is divided into two section cater for visitors to hands on making kim chi with a middle aged lady giving instruction.

When we entered the shop,  we were greeted with big square of plates filled with a quarter size cabbage & kim chi paste on the working table.  Did you notice the blue plastic cup? At first, all of us thought it was part of the ingredient in making kim chi until the instructor who speak in Mandarin  told us to drink the sweet milk without knowing what is the purpose.  Maybe to make us have a sweet feeling or experience making kim chi???
the instructor sharing with us about kim chi history and how to make it
essential greens...cabbage and white carrot
along our journey  from one destination to another, we noticed lots of giant size of cabbages grown in a small plot of land at back of shop/house

mixing it all together

after 10 minutes, this is the end result...
we were not allowed to taste our self made kim chi as it was collected and place into a big porcelain bowl by the helper. instead, the instuctor took out few samples of kim chi for sale at quiet expensive price and none of us bought it.

after the kim chi session, we were given opportunity to dress up in their Korean traditional costume or Hanbok, available in mostly bright colors. I chose pink, my fave color but it really look big on me and can fit 2 person of my size..  feel ashame to show you my BIG pic!

lively background + set up for photo shooting

cute colorful hanbok in a frame 

To fulfill my shopping list, I bought two small packet of kim chi at 24 hours shop and it cost me KRW2,300 =RM6.90 per packet...expensive!  Tastewise...same with the one I purchased in KL.

Mt Sorak....

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